An interesting and worthwhile project is the UK Albanian Talent Show. It is a great showcase for young talent with an Albania background who are based in the United Kingdom.

There are three different categories: singing, dancing, reciting/acting.

The winner of the 2018 UK Albanian Talent Show singing category was Alketa Ratkoceri. She performed Listen by Beyoncé.

The runner up in the singing category was Vanesa Sono and third place went to Enedio Metushi.

Gresa Pantina was the winner of the acting category with second place going to Tergita Asllani.

The dancing category was won by a group from the Arberia association. Also brother and sister Eliza & Joni Zagrgja and also Denisa & Desara Prifti, who both won prizes.

A special mention to the organisers of the show, alb uk tv (production), Juliana Shalla (organiser), Edita Krasniqi (choreographer), Ina Veneti (singer) and Helidon Kastrati (director of Alb UK tv). The Albanian ambassador in the UK was also present, Qirjako Qirko and the Albanian councillor, Kastriot Berberi. Ian Turner, a commentator of the Royal family, was also present. He also now works for Alb UK tv. Thank you also to the Albanian designer, Mirabelle Supure, who prepared this charming showcase.

We will bring you more about the projects of UK Albanian Talent Show soon.

The youngest participant was five years old Darlen Domi and also a mention for Doruntina Berisha, who was playing guitar on the stage.

The opening ceremony included a charming showcase with the children modelling and wearing traditional Albanian costumes.

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